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My name is Andrew Walter, owner of Onsite Magnet Certifications. 

After spending 27 years in the industrial and manufacturing industries, I witnessed the struggles facilities had finding affordable, competent, and reliable service technicians for their equipment. Most technicians in the industry have a general knowledge of the equipment they represent, but do they understand and know the governing bodies standards and benchmark requirements? I do, and this means everything when going through an audit or during an investigation of an incident. 

My expertise is in Magnetic Material Handling (Lift Magnets), Magnetic Separators & Metal Detection for all industries that utilize this equipment. Onsite Certifications' will give you exactly what you need with state of the art NIST traceable equipment, giving your facility confidence it was done accurately, guaranteed.   

  • HACCP Certified

  • Factory Trained 

  • ASME Compliant

  • OSHA Compliant


Call or email us today to schedule an appointment, get an estimate or simply ask a question. 

Onsite's credentials show our commitment to your process and along with our experience will maintain a safe, productive, and profitable workspace in your facility.   


ASME Certified
HACCP Certified
HACCP Certified
Onsite Lift Magnet Certification, lift magnet certification
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