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Onsite Magnet Certifications conducts your audit with a certified technician. We validate, inspect & certify  your Metal Detector(s) assuring it will comply with HACCP, BRC, SQF, and/or GFSI food safety qualifications.

Our capabilities extend to all types and brands of Metal Detectors; Flow Through, Vertical Drop, Vertical Fill & Seal, Pharmaceutical,  Aperture or Tunnel, & Liquid Line. All brands including Loma, Eriez, Safeline / Mettler-Toledo, Goring Kerr, Ceia, Fortress, and many more.   

Other Services we Provide:

  • Sales, service & product testing. (most brands, please contact me).

  • Consultation for adding, moving or replacing your

       Metal Detectors to get the most efficiency for your applications.

  • Challenging your Metal Detector to avoid false trips. Provide the best metal specification possible for each location, product and application.

HACCP Certified
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